Choose from keys in a variety of sizes, lengths, and coatings at House of Metrics. Available in metric sizes, these keys are integral to several industrial fastening applications.

House of Metrics’ inventory features:

  • Hex Keys: Hex keys form an integral part of any tool box, given that they are sturdy enough to enable the efficient insertion and removal of a fastener. House of Metrics stocks an extensive selection of keys in various sizes and dimensions.
  • Shaft Keys: This category of keys is primarily used for transmitting torque and rotary motion. We can honor your requests for several different shaft key types and configurations.
  • Woodruff key: This semicircular key can be inserted into a matching keyway on a shaft. Widely used in the industrial machinery and automobile industry, House of Metrics can supply high-quality Woodruff keys in a variety of shapes and dimensions in short turn times.

Order keys from House of Metrics to experience cost savings and responsive service—two attributes that are unique to our service.

Woodruff Keys

Woodruff Keys