About Us


Changing times, attitudes and awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and our most important natural resource, clean water, have resulted in a variety of recommendations, policy changes and new laws.  These new regulations and laws have a significant impact on all components and basic piece parts used in products manufactured for international sale and distribution as well as most destined for domestic consumption.  It is essential that all parties in the supply chain are aware, conversant and compliant with current and proposed environmental laws and directives.

House of Metrics , Ltd., having extensive involvement in the import and export markets of Europe and Asia, became aware of the European directives calling for changes in the content and surface treatment of fasteners several years ago.  Anticipating inevitable change, our management researched the proposed ‘Restriction of Hazardous Substances’ legislation to ensure our understanding of the proposed changes. We became compliant prior to most companies becoming aware of upcoming laws mandating the elimination of previously approved and accepted plating finishes.  We were one of the first fastener companies to offer a fully RoHS Compliant Zinc Cr3 Trivalent line of fasteners and now offer parts in RoHS Compliant Yellow, Black and other colors when production quantities are required.  Progressive in our forward thinking and planning, we replaced 12L14 Leaded Steel in our Jack Screw assembly line with C1215 Steel.  While industry still accepts the Leaded Steel Jack Screws by exception, our customers enjoy the knowledge that our parts are compliant, leaving one less commodity to be concerned about as regulations become more stringent.  Newer programs like WEE or REACH will continue to concern manufacturers and demand attention.  Rest assured that as your strategic ally, House of Metrics, Ltd. will remain at the forefront as a supplier you can count on for continued support and cooperation.


House of Metrics Ltd., while specializing in metric fastening products for twenty years, has a well established supplier base that manufactures unified fasteners as well as metric fasteners. We can supply virtually any style of threaded or non-threaded fastener, assuming the required quantity is sensible and meets our factory’s production requirement. We handle every phase of the purchase from sourcing with the factories to customs clearance and delivery arrangements to your facility or any location around the world. The quality of the fasteners you sell and your ability to keep your promise to your customers begins with the selection of your import source and the factory they trust to make your parts.  Best part , our all suppliers have US made products. Virtually all of our manufacturing sources abroad are ISO certified and have proven track records for quality and timely deliveries.