About Us

House of Metrics , Ltd., having extensive involvement in the import and export markets of Europe and Asia, became aware of the European directives calling for changes in the content and surface treatment of fasteners several years ago. Anticipating inevitable change, our management researched the proposed ‘Restriction of Hazardous Substances’ legislation to ensure our understanding of the proposed changes. We became compliant prior to most companies becoming aware of upcoming laws mandating the elimination of previously approved and accepted plating finishes.

House of Metrics Ltd., while specializing in metric fastening products for twenty years, has a well established supplier base that manufactures unified fasteners as well as metric fasteners. We can supply virtually any style of threaded or non-threaded fastener, assuming the required quantity is sensible and meets our factory’s production requirement. We handle every phase of the purchase from sourcing with the factories to customs clearance and delivery arrangements to your facility or any location around the world.